I am one of those annoying people who always have to look on the bright side.


My parents gave me the name Julia Bäck. Good choice. I was born and raised next to a town called Vasa in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland. Meaning, my native language is Swedish, learned English fairly easy and had to use violence to learn some Finnish. I am 21 years young and I can’t seem to stay in one place.

I had the pleasure of not getting into univeristy in Helsinki two years in a row which gave me a couple of years with nothing but dreams comming true. The last year I’ve been a published artist, a volunteer on Fiji, a backpacker on New Zealand, even more a published artist and currently a student in Scotland. I started studying architecture at University of Dundee in September 2016 and I am trying to stay put for now.

I am a little bit too busy most of the time. I am energetic, very productive and social. Probably more confident than what is considered normal. I listen to music 18 hours a day and I am a big fan of exaggeration. Sometimes I wish the adrenaline junkie inside of me would say no. No I don’t. I should wash my hair more often than I do, I have not learned sign language yet and I can’t cross my eyes. But hey,

I only look on the bright side.






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