I, Julia Bäck, am twenty-three years old born in Finland. Most of the
year I live in Scotland where I study Architecture at Univeristy of Dundee.

By Julia Bäck is everything art related of mines, founded in 2015
when my artwork started hanging on walls that were not my parents.
Then nineteen years old, I was drawing a poster to a friend of mine.
She wanted a painting her two hometowns. The poster was 50 x 70 cm
big – because that was how big her frame was.

As it usually goes, one thing leads to another. Media found the poster on
my friend’s wall and when interior company Aveo laid their eyes on it, it
was only a matter of minutes until a longlasting collaboration was founded.
A few short months later I was holding the first city poster – 50 x 70 cm – in
my own hands. With no reason to stop two posters became three, five and
now eighth with more and new products to come!

”I knew this was gonna happen!”, said my friend, and looked up at her poster,
the first one done By Julia Bäck.

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